Geothermal Technology

There are two main ways to extract heat from the Earth to generate geothermal power in Australia.

Conventional Geothermal System

HSA geothermal systems are developed in porous rocks which contain reservoirs of naturally heated water.

A well is drilled to pump the hot water that circulates amongst these rocks to the Earth’s surface to produce steam for power generation. The water is then cooled and re-injected into the underground reservoir some distance away.

Panax is pioneering HSAs in Australia with projects in the Limestone Coast region and Cooper Basin in South Australia.

Panax targets HSAs because the technology is commercially proven around the world, has lower costs and is faster to develop which reduces overall project risk.

Enhanced Geothermal System

HFR geothermal systems involve drilling into naturally heated rocks and developing an artificial underground reservoir. Hot water is produced for power generation by pumping cold water into the engineered reservoir.

There is strong potential for this system, but it is still in the experimental phase around the world and has not yet been commercially proven.

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