Panax’s share price can be found on this page. Prices are delayed by at least 20 minutes and are sourced from the ASX website. Retrieving this share price indicates your acceptance of the conditions.

Shareholder Services
Computershare Investor Services is Panax’s share registry and administers all matters relating to shares directly registered with the company. You may contact them at:

Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited
Level 19, 307 Queen Street (GPO Box 523)
Brisbane QLD 4001
Telephone: 1300 552 270 | Overseas Callers: 61 3 9415 4000

Becoming an Online Shareholder
Panax is committed to keeping in touch with shareholders. We offer shareholders an electronic service to make it easier to receive company information and other notifications. By registering for this service, you can be kept up-to-date with significant company announcements as they happen, and you can help Panax manage costs and deliver benefits back to you.

If you register, you will be provided with an email notification with a link each time a relevant announcement is made by the company and posted on this site.

Register by visiting and follow these easy steps: 1. Click on Securityholders
2. Click on Register Email Address Update
3. In Option Two enter PAX as the company code
4. Then enter your personal security information: Holder Identification Number (HIN) or Security Reference Number (SRN), family or company name and postcode
5. Click on submit and follow the prompts.

After you have entered your email address and selected which publications you wish to receive, a confirmation email will be sent to you. When you receive it, simply click 'reply' to confirm your details, then 'send'.

We trust you will find this service helpful. Please contact Computershare on 1300 552 270 if you have any further queries.

Email Alerts
Submit the form on the right hand side of this page to subscribe to receive Panax’s company announcements through our email alerts service.

Email Alerts

Whether you’re a shareholder or not you can subscribe to receive all company announcements through our Email Alerts service. Submit the following form to register for email alerts:

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