The Hutton Project has the potential to be Australia's first conventional geothermal energy development in the Cooper Basin. This is considered a low-risk project with low drilling costs because the target reservoir can be reached at shallow depths, is high-quality, well-documented and has a comprehensive petroleum database.

Studies indicate that the target reservoir, the Hutton Sandstone, reaches temperatures of 130°C to 140°C at depths between 2,000 and 2,500 metres. The reservoir is part of the Great Artesian Basin and is well known to produce water at high flow rates.

At these temperatures, the Hutton Sandstone can be used to generate power at costs much lower than local diesel generation. Geothermal power could be produced at a cost less than $100 per megawatt hour saving local power users up to 50 per cent.

Cost effective power could be provided to the local electricity market including nearby towns, grazing operations, homesteads, gas plants and pipelines. The towns of Moomba and Innamincka are only 25 kilometres away from the project. A transmission line could be constructed for a relatively low cost to connect the project to the local electricity market.

Location Cooper Basin, NE South Australia
Equity 100%
Key features
  • Potential to generate power at $100 per megawatt hour
  • Reservoirs at less than 2,500m
  • High-quality and well-documented reservoir with extensive database from prior oil and gas exploration
  • Low drilling costs
  • Potential to provide electricity to local energy users
  • Measured Geothermal Resource of 11,000 petajoules and an Indicated Geothermal Resource of 30,000 petajoules

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