Limestone Coast

The Limestone Coast Project targets four troughs, with higher than average temperatures, in the Otway Basin in South Australia. It has a large project area with more than 3,500 kilometres2 and an estimated generating potential of more than 1,500 megawatts.

The project, which includes one of only three Measured Geothermal Resources in Australia, was acquired by Panax in 2007. To get a better understanding of the target reservoir and substantially reduce exploration risk, Panax expanded the project by acquiring two additional exploration licences covering the Penola Trough, through a takeover of Osiris Energy in 2008. The Penola Trough has a unique and extensive database which provided certainty on geothermal temperatures and the quality of target reservoir rocks.

The target reservoir for this project is the Pretty Hill Sandstone, which is well-known from previous exploration activities. Considerable exploration work and studies on target troughs have been carried out by previous owners, including studies by international geothermal experts.

The geothermal resource potential on this project is large and estimated at 332,000 petajoules. The key focus of this project is the Penola Trough.

Location Limestone Coast, South Australia
Equity 100%
Key features
  • Generating potential is more than 1500 megawatts
  • Close to grid with excellent infrastructure
  • Acquired two exploration licences covering the Penola Trough
  • Superior data and information on target reservoirs
  • Higher than average temperatures
  • Geothermal resource potential is estimated at more than 330,000 petajoules

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