The Jambi Project will be developed in a joint venture with Panax and government-owned power company PT Petrogas Jambi Power. The companies have jointly applied for licences and permits to explore and develop geothermal resources up to 80 megawatts. Energy generated from the project will be connected into the local electricity transmission grid or used by local industry.

The Jambi Project is a strategic addition to Panax’s project portfolio, increasing the company’s footprint in Indonesia and strengthening local partnerships.

Jambi Power has strong support from the Jambi Province’s local government for the development of geothermal energy in the region. The company’s existing knowledge of the geothermal resources will also significantly reduce risk on the project.

There is minimal diesel power generating capacity in the Jambi Province and it is insufficient to meet daily demand. Electricity users have limited access to power and frequently experience black outs. Once complete, the Jambi Project could provide the community with reliable power 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There will also be opportunities for local participation in the project.

Location Sumatra, Indonesia
Equity 95% – Panax’s initial interest
Key features
  • 80 megawatt project
  • Strong support for development of geothermal energy in the region
  • Local business partner with extensive knowledge of the geothermal resources
  • Extensive database of information on relevant geothermal targets
  • Electricity would be connected into the local transmission grid or used for local industry

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